7 to 17

I’m 7. The only name I fear is MR. DO GOOD.   I’m  8. Mum spills breast milk into a spoon and gives me. It’s a GIFT for reciting the books of the bible omitting all the –ians ONLY.   I’m 9. For the first time, my fist-tight dad pays excursion fees. And this term,... Continue Reading →



For a moment, I was confused. Yes-sir, yes-boss, yes-beast, yes-what-exactly, While my 0 byte brain was trying to figure out the perfect reply,

What next?

Someone should actually try tweeting ” B. Sc in xxx. 2’1. Help RT. My employer might just be on your TL”
[Don’t take my word for it tho]


Ore (21)

I must have asked myself this question more than I can remember especially the past few months after passing out (National Youth Service Corps, I mean). Trust me this is not some clueless or some ‘No Future Ambition (NFA)’ typa rant. (‘tis some rant…but not clueless. Lol)

As a Nigerian, the plan has always been there. Go to the university, study something you love, graduate and go for the compulsory one year service to our fatherland, then… then…

Then… words just seem to fail me. A little help with suggestions would do right now. I feel stuck. The only phrase that keeps playing back like a broken record is “what next”.

Here I am, a nocturnal being by default or reset, watching the sun go down and the moon take charge of the night, then observing the breaking of dawn before hitting the sheets… and snooze…

The day is so…

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Behind the door

..words of insult hurled by his very own creation… crippling lashes.. i was worth all of that.

The Yellow Blanket

I grew up a Christian,

That is,

Christ was always in my home,

But you see,

He lived in the guest room.

He was the visitor who

My parents sent me to greet every morning

To recite the same litany of praises

Day after day,

To serenade Him with His own words,

He was the guest whose shoes

We lined up on the welcome mat,

Whose name we plastered on placards

And hung on every door and car bumper

That cared to bear

The proclamation of our love

That all may see and know

That the Lord dwelt in this abode,

But, I would often think,

How come He never came out to play?

You see, on Sundays,

We would go to His house

And He would set out the finest of silverware,

We would dine on the most exquisite of dishes,

We would bask in the euphoria of the…

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Plop! The last mold of whatever was in my large intestine just came out through my anus and straight into the sewer. What a relief!  In no time I’d be in the middle of plenty. Plenty foooood. And oh boy, I needed my stomach empty as space. I’m a foodie like that. Lol Alexis was... Continue Reading →

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