Yea, Phases. It's a series that would kick-off anytime soon ( no date yet, seeing that i've not even touched a pen in the last 3 weeks and please don't ask if i take notes on Sunday. Lol)

The Crush and The Lover

Jane Kareem

I can almost see somebody’s eyes popping out at the sight of ‘Crush’ and ‘Lover’. LOL. Yeah, I actually wrote about a crush and my lover.

In my maiden post here, I mentioned that I opened this blog at The Bible And Leadership League (B.A.L.L) organised by MINE Teenage Ministry. MINE is dedicated to Moulding, Inspiring, Nurturing and Empowering young people and I’m blessed to be a part of it.

At the B.A.L.L, I wrote two poems (Shout out to Fine boy Pastor Adigun Oluwatimilehin. Okay I know someone is probably complaining, ‘It’s Pastor Timi that this girl is calling ‘boy’. No respect.’ Yeah Yeah I know. He’s a fine man but leave the boy there like that and find your own name for him. *tongue*). They are the first poems I wrote after leaving high school and though they’re not sooo ‘Englishy’ or ‘Wordy’ like some really ‘professional poets’…

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